Resources for teachers: conflict

We have collated some articles and resources that may be beneficial for teachers in talking to students about conflict and any feelings they have relating to this.

External resources:

Please note, the Chartered College is not responsible for the content on the following sites.

For educators:

“How to talk to your children about conflict and war” – UNICEF

“How do you teach students that genocide is a societal thing” – Schools Week

“How do I talk to my kids about violence in the news” – Common Sense Media

“Worrying about war and conflict” – Phoenix Education

Ethics KS4: Modern Warfare – BBC

Religious Education KS4: What is war? – BBC

Geography KS3: Geopolitics and conflict – BBC

Bundles KS2 and KS3: Genocide – TES

What is genocide? – Facing History

Discussing Contemporary Antisemitism in the Classroom – Facing History

Discussing Contemporary Islamophobia in the Classroom – Facing History

Teaching in the Wake of Violence (UK) – Facing History

Responding to the Rohingya Crisis – Facing History KS3 and KS4

The Targeting of Uighur Muslims in China – Facing History KS3 and KS4

Processing the Violence in Israel, Gaza and the West Bank – Facing History

Discussing the Israel-Palestine Conflict in the Classroom – Facing History [last updated June 2023]

Chartered College of Teaching resources

Resources that will help to address any concerns that arise relating to pupil mental health:

Supporting pupil mental health: Trauma

Supporting pupil mental health: Anxiety

Supporting wellbeing through the arts

Webinar: Bereavement – Pedagogy in practice

Webinar: Supporting bereaved children

How to support students experiencing trauma in your classroom – a research review based on elements from the Education in times of crisis report.

Organisations that offer support to children on grief, bereavement and loss:

UK Trauma Council (UKTC) – helping children access help following traumatic events and experiences

Action for Child Trauma International – helping communities treat children with trauma and PTSD including child refugees and those who have experienced violence.

Winston’s Wish – provides resources, including lesson plans, for schools to support grieving students

Online Learning for Schools – Child Bereavement UK

Grief Awareness toolkit for schools – Child Bereavement Network.


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