1. The Chartered College of Teaching group membership terms and conditions are set out in full below. These terms are applicable to all group memberships, purchased from January 2017.

2. Group membership is open to any institution who purchases more than five (5) memberships on behalf of their staff. The Chartered College of Teaching offers special rates for group memberships on the basis of any, or a combination, of the following factors:

• Volume of memberships purchased
• Proportion of staff body for which membership is purchased
• Commitment for multiple years
• Upfront payment for multiple years, as opposed to payment in annual instalments
• When combined with bulk purchases for learning content attracting a fee (e.g. Chartered Status units).

3. Please note that all purchased group memberships committed for two or three years, who decide to cancel their membership early will incur a termination fee. This termination fee will be the fee which attracts the difference in discount applied by the Chartered College of Teaching plus administration fee of £25.00.

4. The Chartered College of Teaching retains discretion in the application of the terms set out above. Refunds are only available within the 14 day cooling period from date of purchase of membership.

5. The Chartered College of Teaching only accepts group memberships that are paid in full and in advance of each year. Requests for invoices can only be processed with a valid purchase order and are subject to prior approval. To pay via invoice, please contact to have this processed. All invoices must be paid within thirty (30) working days from the date that the invoice was received before the purchased group memberships can be confirmed by the Chartered College of Teaching.

6. Regarding multi-year memberships of two or three years, fees are required to be paid upfront or in annual instalments within 30 days of placing the order and/or an invoice being issued.

7. There is a 12-month time limit to redeem a group membership. The year of subscription begins when membership is redeemed therefore the Chartered College of Teaching accepts no liability for any loss resulting from the failure of the institution or staff members to redeem memberships. The lead contact for the purchased group membership will be issued with instructions on how staff members can redeem memberships – redemption is completed via a short online form.

8. The Chartered College of Teaching requires the information set out below for the purpose of recording and tracking memberships. The use of this information is limited to the extent of providing membership services for staff members who have redeemed their membership and will only be shared with data processors in order to provide services as part of their membership. The information required is:

• Personal details, namely the staff member’s full name and email address that have redeemed the membership with the school
• Contact details of the school for the purpose of renewals.

9. The Chartered College of Teaching hereby grants to institutions who purchase group memberships a non-transferable, non-exclusive licence to use written material from the journal Impact during the membership period.

10. Those institutions who purchase group memberships shall not grant sub-licences, in whole or in part, of any of the rights granted under this Agreement, or sub-contract any aspects of exploitation of the rights licensed to it, without the Chartered College of Teaching’s prior written consent.

11. The Chartered College of Teaching may require editorial revisions to any of the written material licensed to institutions who purchase group memberships under this Agreement at any time. The institution agrees to effect editorial revisions within 14 days of receipt of the request.

12. These terms and conditions are governed by English law and, by accepting them, every organisation who have purchased group memberships irrevocably submits to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.

13. If any court or competent authority decides that any of the provisions of these conditions are invalid, unlawful or unenforceable to any extent, the provision in question will, to that extent only, be severed from the remaining terms and conditions which will continue to be valid to the fullest extent permitted by law.

14. These conditions may be altered and varied from time to time by the Chartered College of Teaching, as it may, in its discretion deem fit.