Certificate in Evidence-Informed Practice

– for teachers and school leaders

Do you want to build and demonstrate your expertise in using evidence to inform your practice?

✓ Engage with articles and video content from renowned experts and practising teachers, and explore wider reading lists to deepen your understanding of evidence-informed pedagogy

✓ Find out where to locate trustworthy research and how to navigate its use

✓ Consider key education research and its implications for practice in your context

The Certificate in Evidence-Informed Practice is designed for teachers and school leaders as well as those supporting teaching and teacher development, including mentors and teacher educators.

Graduation & AGM, 11th November 2023

For: Teachers, school leaders and others supporting teaching and teacher development, including mentors and teacher educators

Cost: £99                      Length: 3 months

Eligibility: You will need to be a member of the Chartered College of Teaching to undertake this course.

In this assessment unit, you’ll explore the principles of becoming evidence-informed, where to find trustworthy research and how to navigate its use.

You’ll be introduced to a range of education research and will consider its implications for practice. You will also have the opportunity to engage in learning related to some key areas of education debate before submitting an assessment response on a debate topic of your choice.

By the end of the course, you will:

– be familiar with research evidence in relation to key areas of education

– recognise the importance of engaging critically with research evidence, including evaluating the quality of sources and claims made

– have knowledge of some key debates in education and be able to articulate your own informed, critically reflective perspective.

Upon successful completion of the unit assessment, you will be awarded the Certificate in Evidence-Informed Practice and 10 credits towards Chartered Teacher Status or Chartered Teacher (Leadership) Status.

This is a complete online course that has been designed to support you in developing a critical approach to research engagement, and familiarise with key ideas in education research. 

The course content is structured into three parts and contains around 15 hours of guided learning time, though independent reading and research may take you beyond the learning hours stated. 


The content includes:

– Becoming evidence-informed: Locating research evidence, assessing claims, overcoming research bias, implementing ideas from research in the classroom and educational myths and misinterpretations.

– Exploring the evidence around key themes: How pupils think and learn, remembering and forgetting, pupil motivation, feedback, curriculum, effective teaching, teacher expertise, teacher retention, teacher evaluation, mentoring early career teachers and debating education

– Exploring education debate: Cognitive science, collaborative learning, using technology and instructional coaching for teacher development.


Plus additional supporting content:

– Detailed assessment guidance

– Reading lists

– Assessment exemplars.

All content will be accessed via the Chartered College of Teaching’s online learning platform, MyPD.

In the assessment you will formulate a written response to one of a choice of debate questions. Current debate questions explore the themes of:

– Cognitive science

– Collaborative learning

– Using technology

– Instructional coaching.


You will engage with our expert video and reading list on your chosen theme, and undertake your own wider reading to broaden your understanding of research and evidence and gain an informed understanding of the different perspectives within the debate. You’ll also have the opportunity to engage with peers and colleagues to hear their perspectives in our online discussion forums. 


Your final submission will consist of:

– The response to your chosen debate question (1,150 – 1,350 words)

– Written response to one follow-up question (150 – 300 words).


Academic writing

Candidates will need to be comfortable with writing clearly and concisely in a formal tone and style, structuring their work in a logical manner. We expect all candidates to uphold the highest standards in academic integrity, through appropriately referencing their attributions in a consistent format.

Increase your confidence of locating and using research critically to enhance your classroom practice and impact on the pupils you teach

Learn from articles, video content and reading lists from a range of experts and practising teachers

✓ Time to think, reflect and engage with peers and colleagues from across the profession as you explore key educational debates

Be recognised for your knowledge and understanding of evidence-informed pedagogy and practice

‘The course was easily accessible to work through as it suited me. The amount of research available was amazing!’ (Certificate in Evidence-Informed Practice candidate)

Thank you for making the course so flexible. I feel a real sense of achievement from having completed the course and submitting a debate response, and it has definitely reinvigorated and boosted my knowledge’ (Certificate in Evidence-Informed Practice candidate)

1. Am I eligible to undertake this assessment unit?

This course is suitable for all teachers (including early career teachers), school-based mentors, middle leaders, school leaders, teacher educators and those supporting teaching and learning in the classroom.

2. How long will it take to prepare for and complete this assessment unit?

We estimate that there are 15 hours of guided learning time. Some candidates may undertake further independent activity through the resources provided and as such this may increase the time spent. Typically we expect most candidates to complete this unit within three months.

3. How can I purchase the Certificate in Evidence-Informed Practice?

You can purchase the assessment unit via our online shop on MyCollege. Please note you will need to log in via your membership account. If you do not currently have membership, you can join here.

4. I am interested in being considered for Recognition of Prior Certificated Learning (RPCL), where can I find out if my qualifications meet the criteria?

Read about Recognition of Prior Certificated Learning and find out how to apply on our website.

If you have any other questions, please get in touch with us at charteredteacher@chartered.college

How do I sign up?

Please note you will require active membership of the Chartered College of Teaching to be able to purchase this assessment unit.

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