The Chartered College of Teaching Membership Handbook v.2.6 April 2021


Note: This Membership Handbook is a live document, under continuous review. Please always check the Chartered College of Teaching website for the latest version.


1) This Handbook sets out the process for applying for the various grades of membership of The Chartered College of Teaching (“the Chartered College”), the criteria to be applied in

considering applications and the subscriptions and fees applicable to each grade. It is produced in accordance with Regulation I.2., and is subject to the Charter, Bye Laws and Regulations of the Chartered College for the time being in force.

Grades of Membership

2) The Chartered College currently has the following grades of membership. All members are required to support the aims of the Chartered College. No person may be in more than one grade of membership (other than an honorary grade) at the same time. Entry into a grade of membership is based on the member fulfilling the criteria in force at the time they enter that grade. Subject to payment of subscriptions, members have a right to remain in a grade of membership unless removed for disciplinary reasons. This is not affected by subsequent changes to entry criteria or the status of the member.

  1. a)  Professional Affiliates
  2. b)  International Affiliates
  3. c)  Historic Affiliates
  4. d)  StudentsOpen to those enrolled on a course or programme of teacher training.
  5. e)  Associates(Not yet open.) For practising teachers who are not yet eligible for full Membership.
  6. f)  Members (MCCT)
  7. g)  Fellows (FCCT)

Open to education professionals working in the UK who are not eligible for full Membership

Open to education professionals working outside the UK who are not eligible for full Membership.

This is a closed category of membership, consisting of those members continuing in the grade of membership they previously held in the College of Teachers (see appendix for full list).

Open to graduate (or equivalent) practising teachers. ‘Founding Members’ are those Members who joined the College before 30th April 2017.

Open to Members or Affiliates who are senior teachers of at least ten years standing and have made a significant contribution to the teaching profession. ‘Founding Fellows’ are those who became Fellows before 31st March 2019 (or were Founding Members at the time they became Fellows).

h) Honorary Members and Fellows (HonMCCT and HonFCCT)

Elected at an AGM on the proposal of the Council of the Chartered College for outstanding contribution to the teaching profession.

3) Affiliates, Students and Associates are non-voting members of the Chartered College. Members and Fellows are full, voting Members of the Chartered College. Honorary

Members and Fellows do not have a vote in that capacity, but Honorary membership may be combined with substantive membership in one of the above grades.

  1. 4)  ‘a course or programme of teacher training’ includes: those taking part in a School Direct programme, Teach First participants in the first year of the programme, and those studying in full-time education for a degree in education or on a postgraduate programme related to education.
  2. 5)  ‘education professionals’ includes: those professionally involved in supporting teachers in a relevant setting; professionals working for a not-for-profit, government organisation or Higher Education Institution that supports the work of teachers; teachers who are not practising teachers; and teachers without a degree or equivalent.

6) ‘practising teacher’ means: a teacher professionally engaged in teaching in a relevant setting:

  1. a)  in the UK, Ireland, a Crown Dependency or a British Overseas Territory;
  2. b)  in a Services Education Setting;
  3. c)  in a British International School; or
  4. d)  in none of the above, but who has completed initial teacher training in the UK.

7) ‘a relevant setting’ means: an early years, school, college or further education setting (0- 19) and includes out-of-school settings such as Pupil referral Units and Young Offenders’ Institutions.

8) ‘a British International School’ means a school which is accredited under the Department for Education’s British schools overseas inspection scheme, or is a member of:

  1. a)  Association of British Schools Overseas (AOBSO);
  2. b)  British Schools in the Middle East (BSME);
  3. c)  Council of British International Schools (COBIS);
  4. d)  Federation of British International Schools in Asia (FOBISIA); or
  5. e)  National Association of British Schools in Spain (NABSS).

Applications (including application by Nomination)

9) Applications for membership (or transfer from one grade of membership to another) shall be made on the Chartered College’s website at and must be completed

in accordance with the instructions provided on the website. This applies to application by Nomination to the Fellowship.

  1. 10)  Applications for membership will only be accepted if the applicant has paid the relevant membership subscription (other than in the case of Fellowship) and fulfils the criteria for the grade of membership.
  2. 11)  The Chartered College may carry out checks and request such further information as it reasonably requires for the purpose of determining the eligibility of an applicant for membership.
  3. 12)  For grades other than Fellowship, the Chartered College aims to assess applications and

notify applicants of the outcome within 7 working days of the application being fully completed.

Membership Subscriptions and Fees

13) The following are the membership subscriptions payable for each substantive grade from 1st April 2021. Subscriptions are not payable for honorary grades.


Professional Affiliates International Affiliates Historic Affiliates Students

Associates Members Fellows

Membership Subscription

£47.50 £59 £47.50 £0

£47.50 (£23.50 for NQTs) £89

14) Membership subscriptions cover a period of one calendar year starting on the date on whichthe memberjoinedtheCharteredCollege.Subscriptionswillbecomedueeachyear on the anniversary of that date. If the member transfers from one membership grade to another during that calendar year, the member will be charged the amount appropriate to the new grade of membership on a pro-rata basis.

15)An application for membership may be cancelled by notifying the Chartered College at within 14 working days of the date on which the Chartered College notified the member of their application having been approved, and any membership subscription paid (minus an administration fee of £15) will be refunded.



a) At least one calendar month before any membership renewal is due members will be notified that their membership will renew automatically on the date specified in the notice and that that the relevant membership subscription fee will be charged on that date.

  1. b)  The frequency of payments taken may be monthly or annually and may vary due to reasons including, but not limited to, the subscription plan currently nominated by the member.
  2. c)  Following receipt of notification under paragraph 15(a) or otherwise, a member may resign his or her membership in accordance with paragraph 28. Such resignation requests must be notified at least 10 working days in advance of the due date for the membership subscription fee to avoid such fee being taken in accordance with paragraph 16.

17) In taking payment for any membership renewal fees, the Chartered College of Teaching will charge the credit card, debit card or direct debit details that the member used to pay

for membership upon joining (subject to any subsequent changes notified to the Chartered College). If the member would like to update payment details, pay via an alternative method, permanently delete personal data, or does not consent to being charged this amount, the member must let the Chartered College of Teaching know immediately. The member must contact the Chartered College of Teaching in writing at It is the member’s responsibility to ensure that details are up- to-date and are accurate to the best of their knowledge.

18) The Chartered College of Teaching does not store or use payment details for any other purpose than for the annual membership renewal fee.

19) If a member’s payment is not accepted, the Chartered College of Teaching will ask the member to update his or her payment details. In the event that a member does not provide such updated details or his or her payment continues to be unaccepted, membership will terminate in accordance with paragraph 28.

Membership Benefits, Rights and Obligations

20) All members are entitled to the following membership benefits:

  1. a)  an electronic subscription to the Chartered College’s journal;
  2. b)  attendance (which may be subject to charges) at conferences, workshops and other

events organised by the Chartered College and by partner organisations;

c) access to materials through the Chartered College’s website;

  1. d)  access to a database of approximately 2,000 relevant journals, e-books and research materials; and
  2. e)  the ability to participate in local and regional activities of the Chartered College;
  3. f)  access to the University of Bristol document summary service;
  4. g)  a 30% book discount at Sage, Crown House and John Catt.

21) Full Members are additionally entitled to the following membership benefits:

  1. a)  hard copy of the Chartered College’s journal;
  2. b)  the ability to stand and vote in Chartered College elections; and
  3. c)  the right to use the designatory letters ‘MCCT’ or ‘FCCT’ appropriate to their grade.

22) Fellows are additionally entitled to the following membership benefits:

  1. a)  an invitation to an annual Fellowship event;
  2. b)  the ability to stand for the eleven positions on the Council which are reserved for Fellows (including the posts of President and the two Vice-Presidents);
  3. c)  invitations to Fellow-only policy roundtables;
  4. d)  membership of an on-line community and network of Fellows;
  5. e)  listing as a Fellow in the College’s Fellowship Directory and on its website (Founding Fellows will be identified as such in the Directory and on the website);
  1. f)  a termly Fellows’ Newsletter;
  2. g)  termly research webinars;
  3. h)  access to a dedicated Relationship Manager;
  4. i)  a Welcome Pack, including a letter from the Chief Executive and a Fellowship Certificate.
  1. 23)  The range and nature of the benefits provided to its members by the Chartered College may be varied at any time and without prior notice. The right to receive membership benefits set out in paragraphs 19, 20 and 21 above (including the right to use the designatory letters) lapses seven days after the date upon which a member ceases to be up-to-date with the payment of membership subscriptions.
  2. 24)  Where services offered to members of the Chartered College are provided by anyone other than the Chartered College, they are subject to the terms and conditions of that provider and the Chartered College accepts no liability for loss or damage suffered as a consequence of any defect, error or omission in the provision of those services.
  3. 25)  The Chartered College is not obliged to refund any part of a membership subscription paid for a year during which a member has ceased to be a member.
  4. 26)  Admission as a member of the Chartered College does not in itself confer any rights in materials that are made available to members, whether through the Chartered College’s website, at conferences or workshops and other events or by any other means. Materials

provided through the Chartered College’s website are subject to the website terms of use.

  1. 27)  Conditions regarding the use of other materials provided by the Chartered College will be notified to members as and when the materials are provided. Members may not reproduce or use the logo of the Chartered College unless express permission in writing has been granted by the Chartered College.
  2. 28)  The Chartered College may retain information regarding your membership and of your use of the services offered by the Chartered College and may use that information for the purposes and in the ways specified in the Chartered College’s privacy policy. In particular, information relating to your membership of the Chartered College, including your admission to various grades within the College, membership of local, regional and specialist groups of the College, and service on committees of the Chartered College etc. will form part of the Chartered College’s permanent archive.

Termination of Membership

29) Membership terminates if:

  1. a)  the Chartered College becomes aware that any information provided in the member’s application for membership was misleading or false in any material aspect and the Chartered College decides to terminate membership;
  2. b)  the member’s membership subscription fee has been in arrears for a period of one month or more and the Chartered College decides to terminate membership;
  3. c)  the member resigns by written notice to the Chartered College at its registered office; or
  4. d)  the member is guilty of improper conduct and the Chartered College decides to

terminate membership in accordance with the procedures set out in Regulations.

30) In the case of termination under paragraph 28(b), membership will be revived without a fresh application if the membership subscription is paid within the same membership year. Requests to revive membership outside the same membership year will be considered at the sole discretion of the Membership Committee.

Appendix – Grades of Historic Affiliate

There are three substantive, and two honorary, grades of membership for those whose membership of the College of Teachers dates from before 1st September 2015 and, in the case of substantive membership, have kept up membership subscriptions. They are set out below with their designatory letters:

  • Associate Member of the College of Teachers (AMCollT)
  • Member of the College of Teachers (MCollT or MCollP)
  • Fellow of the College of Teachers (FCollT or FCollP)
  • Honorary Member of the College of Teachers (HonMCollT)
  • Honorary Fellow of the College of Teachers (HonFCollT)Approved by the Constitutional Committee 21st January 2021. Membership Subscription increases approved by Council 4th March 2021

Membership regulations: