We're there for you throughout your career. 

From the second you enter the classroom right through to leadership and beyond.




your commitment to the profession and for making a difference to the lives of pupils.


you to deliver excellent teaching and constantly develop through research and insight.


you with other teachers to share practice and shape your profession.

Features of Membership

Our award-winning, peer-reviewed termly journal supporting teachers to work with the latest evidence and research and providing them with the knowledge of good practice

The home for teaching. Tailor made research and guides to support teacher development


Our events provide the opportunity for teachers to share practice and discuss how research can support their work in the classroom

Our Chartered Teacher programme (CTeach) celebrates excellent teaching and awards teachers working in the most informed way with chartered status

Chartered College Networks are bringing teachers and experts across the country together to collaborate and discuss what’s important to them, their schools and their pupils

Teaching is a lifelong career: A member's journey

Student membership

Available to full-time students, those studying to become teachers from early years to further education and teachers currently taking a break to return to full-time study.

NQT membership
(Award of post-nominals MCCT)

For NQTs in early years, primary, middle, secondary and further education employed to teach children or young people 0-19 years.

Full membership
(Award of post-nominals MCCT)

For teachers in early years, primary, middle, secondary and further education employed to teach children or young people 0-19 years.

Founding Fellow
(Award of post-nominals FCCT)

The highest category of membership. Applicants must be peer-nominated.

Professional Affiliate

Available to colleagues working alongside teachers and leaders in an early years setting, school, college, or Higher Education Institutions as well as not for profit organisations including Governors.

Tim Brighouse, Schools Commissioner, 2002 - 2007

"Doctors save lives while teachers create them: indeed without either, societies could not claim to be civilised. Teachers need a single, clear voice for their vital role and an advocate for their own continuing learning needs.

That’s why the Chartered College of Teaching is such an important development. I wish it had been there when I set out to try to change the world.

To do just that I cannot escape the feeling that, had the Chartered College been in existence, I would have done better. That’s why I urge all teachers to join."