Chartered College of Teaching comments on year 11 absence rates

Almost one in ten year 11 pupils nationally are still absent from school according to findings published by Schools Week today (11th March). This comes just two months to go until the start of GCSE exams.

Commenting on the figures, Dame Alison Peacock, CEO of the Chartered College of Teaching, said:

Schools are still being affected by COVID-19. The pandemic has not ended. This data illustrates how uneven the playing field is as we head into exam season. Teachers and leaders continue to do everything they can to help and prepare their students, but these absences show the scale of the challenge. The steps taken may not be enough. Our member poll found that most are not convinced that the early publication of exam guidance will help disadvantaged students. In fact, it could exacerbate the gap that continues to widen.

Teachers and leaders know their students best. We want to see those in education supported as much as possible and provided with the resources to direct support to those students most adversely affected. That is how we will set young people up for success.

The Chartered College of Teaching recently published the results of its member poll which found that over 60% of teachers did not think the early publication of exam guidance will mitigate the impact on the most disadvantaged students [click to read more]