Chartered College of Teaching 2021 Council election results

The results of the Chartered College of Teaching’s 2021 Council election were announced at the Annual General Meeting on Saturday 4th December.

In the election for Vice-President (Policy Development and Advocacy) the following member was elected:

Aimee Tinkler

In the elections for Council members, there were seven vacancies. Six ordinary vacancies caused by the expiry of the term of office of existing Council members, and one additional vacancy due to the recent resignation of a Council member whose term of office was due to expire at the AGM in 2022.

In the ordinary elections, the following members elected to Council for a four-year term:

Steven Berryman

Dr Natasha Crellin

Wedyan Dannan 

Alexandra Dean

Liz Gregory

Jackie Hill

In the bye-election for a one-year term of office, in accordance with the Regulations, the candidate receiving the highest number of first preference votes from those candidates not elected in the ordinary elections is deemed elected in the bye-election. The following member was elected to Council for a one-year term expiring at the AGM in 2022:  

Anna Steele

Congratulations to all of the teachers joining the Council. Thank you to every candidate for standing and to everyone who voted.