Chartered College of Teaching comments on updated grading guidance

The Chartered College of Teaching has raised its concerns following updates to the guidance covering grades this year. Ofqual has confirmed details on submitting grades and evidence for this year’s GCSE, AS and A level grades from the 28th May.

The Chartered College recently hosted a webinar with representatives from Ofqual and Pearson to discuss the guidance on teachers assessed grades and the issues raised by members. The Chartered College of Teaching has repeatedly raised its issues with plans for awarding grades and spoken out against the potential for the profession to be “vilified”.

Dame Alison Peacock, CEO of the Chartered College of Teaching said:

Back in October, we urged the government to work with us to avoid a repeat of exam chaos. This included a request for clear guidance and plans to be put in place. When teachers were told they would be trusted we wanted to believe it.

However, we are almost in May and only now teachers are being asked to collate student work. Does the government trust our teachers like they were so quick to claim? The government cannot extol trust in teachers and then require validation of teachers’ decisions. As we have repeatedly warned, this is setting up teachers to be blamed come results day. Our teachers want to do the best they can for their students, but they cannot have their hands tied behind their backs to do it.”