Early career framework handbook of the chartered college of teaching

New Early Career Framework Handbook to support early career teachers

The Chartered College of Teaching is launching a brand new publication to support early career teachers during their induction period. The Early Career Framework Handbook, arriving in June, will bring together teachers and researchers to provide expert guidance and the best available research to support NQT development. 

The handbook is tailored to the new Early Career Framework, with four sections offering expert perspectives and guidance on how to apply the Framework in the classroom. This follows on from the Chartered College’s extensive support for early career teachers, including The Profession – the early career guide, our Early Career Conference, the Accelerate programme and the Early Career Area of the member site MyCollege

Cat Scutt, Director of Education and Research at the Chartered College of Teaching, said: 

“The handbook brings together summaries of research evidence with examples of practice aligned to the new Early Career Framework, providing a valuable resource for both NQTs and their mentors. Chapters contributed by researchers and practitioners across a range of settings encourage early career teachers to reflect, challenge and extend what they read, developing their engagement with research evidence and supporting the next stage in their career-long professional learning journey.”


The Early Career Framework Handbook will be available through SAGE Publishing from June. The four sections are: ‘Building a productive classroom environment’, ‘Supporting learning and development’, ‘Understanding curriculum and assessment’ and ‘Building a learning professional’. Authors include Mark Priestley, Karen Wespieser and Alex Quigley.