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Why I think it’s important for school leaders to encourage their staff to apply for CTeach


Joining the Chartered College and becoming a Chartered Teacher was something I did for myself. So why do I think that it’s really important for school leaders to be encouraging their staff to get involved?

Rebecca Nobes


Rebecca Nobes writes about her CTeach experience and why you should join the Chartered Teacher Programme programme


Empower your teachers. Give them confidence in their decisions and their practice.

The Teacher Development Trust refers to teacher professional development as “An opportunity for school leaders to unleash the best”. Having completed the programme I can confirm that this is exactly what becoming a Chartered Teacher has done for me. The programme enabled me to set clear targets for my own development and most importantly provided a structure in which to do this, with support along the way. The emphasis on engaging with research gave me the confidence to implement new practice and be able to justify exactly why I had made certain decisions. In addition, it made me more confident to share these strategies with others, knowing they were grounded in evidence.


Provide your teachers with the professional development that they deserve.

According to the Standard for Teachers Professional Development “Professional development should be underpinned by robust evidence and expertise” and “Professional development should include collaboration and expert challenge.” The Professional Principles that underpin the Chartered Teacher programme encourage just this. Engaging with evidence, applying it in the classroom and working and sharing with others. Encouraging these habits and characteristics in your teachers can only be a really positive thing.


Improve your school through the use of research evidence.

Referring to the Teacher Development Trust once again, they note that “Effective professional development should be seen as a key driver not only of staff development, but also of recruitment, retention, wellbeing, and school improvement.” If your staff are engaging with research and know how to do this well, not only will they feel happy and confident in their role but this will have a huge effect on the positive impact that those teachers are able to have on your school and students. Teachers who have completed this programme can bring their experience to the school, sharing with colleagues and implementing new ideas both in their classrooms and whole-school. There is a lot to be gained.




Visit the Chartered Teacher page to find out more or email with any questions. Early-bird rate for the programme closes 2nd December