Chartered college comments

Chartered College responds to calls to make teaching a ‘research-literate profession’


The Chartered College of Teaching has today (16 October) welcomed a new report calling for joint working to tackle the big strategic questions in education. “Harnessing Educational Research”, a joint report by the British Academy and the Royal Society, argues that more must be done to generate and use the best available evidence to help children reach their full potential.

The report makes a series of recommendations including:

Create an independent Office for Educational Research
Secure the pipeline of researchers
Make teaching a research-literate profession
Improving collaboration
Professor Dame Alison Peacock, CEO of the Chartered College of Teaching, said of the report:

“Every time a teacher steps into a classroom they’re shaping the lives of young people. The impact they have is huge and lasting. That’s why every teacher and everyone working in the teaching profession should have access to the tools and knowledge to work in the most informed way possible. One which is borne out of peer review and collegiality.

At the Chartered College we know teachers are trying to do this, but with the pressures they face it is far from easy. Teachers must be given the opportunity to constantly develop their learning from the second they enter a classroom. We want to create a culture of lifelong learning, support and celebration with the profession working together. A culture with evidence at its heart which empowers teachers to deliver the best possible education to benefit their pupils and wider society.”