Flexible Working

What is it? 

A collection of case studies which demonstrate how schools have used a range of flexible working practices to the benefit of individual employees, organisations and pupils. You can get in touch with any of these schools as they are happy to have a conversation about their practice.

Why does it exist? 

One of the DfE’s Recruitment and Retention Strategy priorities is to ‘build a career offer that remains attractive to teachers as their careers and lives develop’ which includes support for headteachers to transform approaches to flexible working in schools.  Teachers and leaders want help in adopting flexible working practices or in requesting flexible working.

How can it help? 

Get in touch with schools that use a wide range of flexible working practices which have benefitted individuals, organisations and pupils and start a conversation to see which practices may support you or your organisation.

Where do I go if I want more information?

Read our case studies

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