In 2018 a new group was launched to provide headteachers and leaders with the tools they need to help close the attainment gap.

The Leadership Development Group (LDG) is based within the Chartered College of Teaching and brings together representatives from across the teaching profession.

The Group’s key work includes:

– identifying research about the most effective ways to lead a school and foster great teaching – particularly in relation to tackling educational inequality – and send out this evidence to school leaders across the country
– work with educational research organisations to determine areas for research into school leadership and advise the Department for Education and other bodies on what research needs to be carried out
– review the pathways for the development of school leaders and advise the DfE on the future development and accreditation of leadership qualifications
– provide guidance on school leadership standards, including ethical practice
– promote leadership succession planning and professional equality and diversity.

“We want senior leaders to have the opportunity to engage with evidence to benefit their colleagues and the wider profession. The Leadership Development Group will help place teachers in the best possible position to shape their future development.”

Professor Dame Alison Peacock

Chief Executive Officer of the Chartered College of Teaching

To find out more about the Leadership Development Group and to get involved, email hello@chartered.college.

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