Access to research

The Chartered College is a key destination for teachers wanting to develop the evidence-informed expertise necessary to achieve and maintain genuine excellence – securing the best outcomes for children, young people and learners.

We enhance teacher professionalism by working with our members, together with subject associations, learned societies, higher education institutions and other educational bodies, to establish the core principles that define and lead to excellence in teaching. What we are referring to as ‘teacher knowledge’ embraces subject knowledge, a deep understanding of the pedagogical principles and practices which underpin effective teaching, and of the systems, structures and policies through which education functions.

Why do teachers need research and evidence?

The complex nature of teaching requires that teachers have access to a broad range of strategies, skills and knowledge which can be adapted and fine-tuned to meet widely-varying education contexts and pupil needs. This professional repertoire has to be informed by a body of rigorous, high quality research and evidence rather than based on taken-for-granted assumptions, routines and habits. It is also vital that the teaching profession claims ownership of translating research findings into practice rather than allowing those outside the classroom to do so on their behalf.   

Creating knowledge pathways

The Chartered College’s knowledge pathways are designed to support teachers in accessing high quality, relevant evidence via a range of bespoke routes connecting the worlds of research and education. In our focus group consultations around the country, teachers called for the Chartered College to help bridge the long-standing gap between schools and the research community, and to create collaborative partnerships enabling teachers to have easy access to, and active engagement with, educational research. Teachers are not only asking for research that allows them to tackle problems and improve their classroom practice, they are also looking to establish a deeper understanding of the principles that underpin effective pedagogy.     

Research database

Membership of the Chartered College includes access to an education research database providing full-text access to over 2,000 journal titles and ebooks, covering international publications across a range of themes and subject areas. Members can access the database here (requires sign-in).

Research summaries

Membership of the Chartered College includes a personal subscription to the University of Bristol's Document Summary Service, providing monthly summaries of key policy and research publications and a comprehensive archive. You can access the Document Summary Service here; you will require your access code, which will have been emailed to you on joining, to download summaries. Please note this service is for personal use only and does not replace the need for a school subscription.

Termly journal

Our termly print and online journalImpact, connects research findings to classroom practice, with a focus on the interests and voices of teachers and educators. It supports the teaching community by promoting discussion around evidence within the classroom, and enabling teachers to share and reflect on their own use of research.