A project in collaboration with the Helen Hamlyn Centre for Pedagogy (0-11 years)

Meet the Rethinking Curriculum project team

The Chartered College of Teaching team

Jen Crittenden

Jen Crittenden is the Curriculum Design Lead and leads the Rethinking Curriculum project on a day to day basis, working across the primary sector to design resources and support schools in enhancing their curriculum provision. She works within the wider Professional Learning and Accreditation team on further projects. Prior to joining the Chartered College of Teaching, Jen was a Headteacher, curriculum design lead and experienced primary and early years school teacher. Jen was part of the inaugural leadership team who opened a three-form entry free school and also planned and developed a new school build. Jen is very interested in sustainable curriculum development and implementation, mental health and inclusion, and staff development and retention. She is a keen advocate for flexible working, supporting teachers to stay in the profession when parents and enhancing the voice of female leadership within schools.

Dr Victoria Cook

Dr Victoria Cook is the Education and Research Project Specialist and is the research lead on the Rethinking Curriculum project. Her role involves the creation of online education materials for use by educators across different settings and undertaking quantitative and qualitative research. Prior to joining the Chartered College of Teaching, Victoria worked as a Research Associate at the Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge, for 5 years on two international dialogue-based research projects. She is a trained Geography teacher, having taught in a girls’ grammar school, mixed comprehensives and independent schools. Victoria’s research interests include learning outside the classroom, cultural literacy and dialogic teaching and learning, including technology-mediated dialogue.

Jane Anderson

Jane Anderson is the Governance and Project Manager for the Chartered College of Teaching. As part of the Project Management Office, she manages projects and provides broader project management oversight and advice to colleagues, including for the Rethinking Curriculum project. Jane also manages governance for the organisation. In previous roles, she worked for government departments, local authorities, the Electoral Commission, the Charity Commission, the National Archives, a charity, a primary school federation and an organisation supporting businesses in London. She has expertise in a broad range of subjects – with roles previously held in policy development and implementation, and in programme and project management. 

Phoebe Dry

Phoebe Dry is the Publishing Manager at the Chartered College of Teaching. She leads on publishing work for the Rethinking Curriculum project. This includes managing the special issue of the Impact journal, and editing and curating any additional content and resources. Phoebe has been with the Chartered College since 2018 and works across Chartered College products, platforms and projects, including research articles, case studies, bitesize learning units, books and research reports. But her main work is managing the Impact journal at all stages of the publishing process: planning upcoming issues and timescales; commissioning and shortlisting articles; managing the peer-review process; supporting authors to develop their articles; copyediting; proofreading; picture research; page layout and pull quotes; cover design and titles, and all publisher and author relations and contractual arrangements. Phoebe has previously worked as a pastoral tutor at a girls’ secondary school, and also has some volunteer experience in Key Stage 3 literacy support. Through her publishing work, Phoebe is an active proponent of enabling busy teachers to access relevant, high-quality and comprehensible research that is directly applicable to classroom practice.

Helen Barker

Helen Barker is the Teacher Assessment Manager, leading on developing, managing and analysing assessments for the Chartered College of Teaching, as well as working within the wider Professional Learning and Accreditation team on a range of projects. Prior to this, Helen was an experienced primary school teacher and senior leader, and was also one of the first teachers to gain Chartered Teacher Status in the pilot cohort. This has given Helen a unique insight into the Chartered College of Teaching’s impact on classroom teachers. Helen is interested in primary curriculum, pedagogy and assessment, especially in maths and English, alongside teacher professional learning and inclusion. For the Rethinking Curriculum project Helen provides primary curriculum and assessment expertise.

Katy Chedzey

Katy Chedzey is the Head of Professional Learning and Accreditation at the Chartered College of Teaching where she oversees the design and delivery of the Chartered College’s Chartered Status professional learning and accreditation pathways, as well as supporting wider professional learning and accreditation activity at the college. Formerly a Deputy Headteacher with 15 years’ experience in the primary phase, Katy has worked at the Chartered College of Teaching since 2019, initially leading on design and development of a 15 month pilot programme for Early Career Teachers. Since then, Katy has been involved in a range of projects, including a CPD quality assurance pilot, and the development of various programmes and courses for teachers and school leaders across a range of career stages. Katy’s interests are school leadership, teacher professional learning and development, evidence-informed pedagogy and assessment. Katy provides support with the strategic design and delivery of the Rethinking Curriculum project.

Cat Scutt

Cat Scutt is Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Education and Research, and is the executive level sponsor of the Rethinking Curriculum project. A former English teacher, Cat’s roles have since focused on supporting teacher development both online and through face-to-face activities, with a particular focus on development using digital technology, through collaboration and by engagement with research and evidence. She has worked in education in both the state and independent sector, as well as in corporate learning and development. Cat leads on the Chartered College Of Teaching’s work around teacher development and certification, including the Chartered Teacher programme, and their research activities and publications, including their award-winning peer-reviewed journal, Impact. She is currently completing her PhD at the UCL Institute of Education. She received an MBE for services to education in 2021 and has been a member of several government advisory groups.

The Helen Hamlyn Centre for Pedagogy (0-11 years) team

The Helen Hamlyn Centre for Pedagogy (HHCP) is a research centre founded at IOE in 2018. Our focus is children aged from birth to 11 years, particularly those living with disadvantage.

The centre aims to have a demonstrable impact on pedagogy in a range of settings, including formal education and to improve understanding of pedagogy through research that is close-to-practice, using qualitative, quantitative and mixed-methods designs. They also aim to contribute to a wider use of more effective pedagogy by engaging in partnerships with outstanding organisations and individuals and to engage constructively with policy makers and politicians to influence change in educational policies in order to nurture a more equitable society for all.

Areas of the project research, especially during the scoping phase will be contributed by the HHCP. We will work together on research and evaluation areas of the project.

Further information on the HHCP can be found on their website.

Professor Dominic Wyse

Professor Dominic Wyse is the Founding Director of the Helen Hamlyn Centre for Pedagogy (0-11 Years) (HHCP). Dominic is Professor of Early Childhood and Primary Education at IOE, UCL’s Faculty of Education and Society. The main focus of Dominic’s research is curriculum and pedagogy including the teaching of reading and writing.

Professor Alice Bradbury

Professor Alice Bradbury is Co-Director of the HHCP and Professor of Sociology of Education at IOE, UCL’s Faculty of Education and Society. Prof Bradbury specialises in research on the impact of education policy on classroom practices and inequalities, with a particular focus on issues of assessment in early years and primary schools.

Dr Yana Manyukhina

Dr Yana Manyukhina is a Senior Researcher at the HHCP. The main focus of Yana’s research is children’s agency. As part of this focus her research projects include study of curriculum.

Emily Ranken

Emily Ranken is a Research Assistant at HHCP. Emily has 5 years’ experience teaching in primary schools in London, and recently completed an MSc in Comparative Social Change at Trinity College Dublin.

The Rethinking Curriculum project is kindly funded by the Helen Hamlyn Trust.