Group Membership

Together we can raise the status of the teaching profession – investment in group membership is an investment in your students, your staff, your organisation and the wider profession.

Why invest in the development and professional learning of teachers and those supporting learning in the classroom, through group membership? Here’s what the research tells us:

⚬ Having effective teachers is the most important in-school factor for student achievement (Slater et al., 2012; Kane et al., 2013)

⚬ Numerous studies have shown that continuing professional development (CPD), which provides opportunities for collaboration and critical reflection, can positively impact teacher effectiveness and student learning (Fletcher-Wood & Zuccollo, 2020; Kennedy, 2016; Sims et al., 2021)

⚬ Teachers working in supportive professional environments develop further than their peers (Kraft & Papay, 2014)

The Chartered College of Teaching is your professional body for teaching, a not-for-profit charity independent of government, and a “trusted broker of evidence” (EEF, 2021) on what makes teaching and leadership most effective.

Being part of the Chartered College has encouraged us to become outward-facing and relentless in our pursuit of teacher excellence in our classrooms”

In an ever-changing educational landscape, we’re committed to providing accredited, rigorous and accessible CPD and resources – and to equipping staff with the tools to engage in research to drive sustainable school improvement.

By investing in group membership, you will:

⚬ Underline your commitment to an evidence-informed culture and supportive professional environment, which drives greater teacher effectiveness

⚬ Become recognised as an employer of choice through offering professional accreditation and career development for staff

⚬ Gain access to an international network of teachers and school leaders

⚬ Open up powerful opportunities for collaborative, whole-school CPD and research engagement

⚬ Save money through a cost-effective, sustainable professional development offer, easily aligned to your priorities

⚬ Attract, develop and retain staff, sending a powerful signal of the value you place in development and professionalism.

Group membership will unlock the following features for staff:

⚬ Award-winning publications, online courses, bitesize CPD packs and guides to engage with the latest research
⚬ Gateway to Chartered Status accreditation for teachers and leaders
⚬ Access to the world’s largest education and research database
⚬ Awarded letters MCCT after their name to recognise your professional status
⚬ Invites to networks, webinars and exclusive events
⚬ Opportunities to shape the profession and policy through consultations and roundtables.

Next steps

To find out more, book a call with our Head of Partnerships, Jonny Goggs, or request a quick quote HERE – discounts are available for purchasing at scale, and in conjunction with Chartered Status assessment units.