Published: November 2021

Authored by: Lisa-Maria Müller and Gemma Goldenberg

Education in times of crisis: Effective approaches to distance learning


This report marks the culmination of the ‘Education in times of crisis’ series, an essential resource for teachers and policymakers on distance learning. This final report presents findings from a project involving 400 teachers, setting out their views, experiences and innovations around emergency remote teaching. 

Key findings include: 

  • Devices are not enough – digital literacy development is crucial

  • Over half of teachers’ workload has increased, but collaboration and pre-made resources can help

  • Teachers provided at least as much feedback during distance learning

  • Collaborative learning is effective yet challenging to implement with younger learners

  • Over half of teachers say engagement is an issue, and turned off cameras make it worse

  • Time for social contact is key to supporting students’ wellbeing

  • Supporting students with SEND requires personalised approaches

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