Chartered College of Teaching Values

The Chartered College of Teaching is committed to supporting and developing colleagues. Our organisational strategy focuses on five key areas: 


1. People development
2. Recruitment, retention and reward
3. Wellbeing
4. Conscious inclusion
5. Corporate social responsibility


Our vision, mission and values underpin all of our work, while The Framework for Ethical Leadership underpins principles for the profession and informs our work. 

In developing our values, we reviewed external ethical frameworks and cross-referenced the Framework for Ethical Leadership and Chartered Teacher Status professional behaviours. 

We are collaborative
We believe:

• we are most effective when we work together

• a plurality and diversity of voices and perspectives enhance our work

• it’s important to celebrate individual and team successes

• strength is gained from diversity

• we have a duty to look after our own, and each other’s well-being.


We are committed
We believe:

• in the Chartered College of Teaching’s vision and mission

• that we need to be courageous in building a charitable organisation that is voluntary for teachers to join, yet seeks to act on behalf of all teachers

• that continuously raising awareness of teachers’ commitment is essential to raising the status of the profession.

        We are professional
We believe:

• as the professional body for teachers, it is our role to model exemplary professionalism

• acting with integrity and trust at all times is an essential part of our professionalism

• to perform to the best of our abilities, we must prioritise our well-being

Read our full values and supporting behaviours: