Published: July 2020 
Authored by: Lisa-Maria Muller & Gemma Goldenberg

Education in times of crisis: Teachers’ views on distance learning and school reopening plans during COVID-19

The second in the ‘Education in times of crisis’ series of reports looks at member views on the potential impacts of closures on learning, wellbeing and long-term implications.

Key areas of discussion included:

– Views on distance learning
– How has the crisis affected student learning?
– What has the impact of COVID-19 been on teacher and student wellbeing?
– How have vulnerable students been affected and what is the best way to support them?
– What are teachers’ views on school reopening plans?
– Has the COVID-19 crisis influenced teachers’ views on education and the teaching profession?

Key insights include:

– Over half of members reported increased workload, the majority feel their wellbeing being impacted negatively
– Almost 90% of teachers feel supported by their colleagues
– Over 50% of teachers reported increased workload. Over 60% of teachers are struggling with work/life balance and report that during this crisis they are finding it more difficult to balance the demands from work and home life
– Over 63% feel that their wellbeing has been negatively affected by the current situation
– Access to the internet is an issue. Almost 88% of teachers report that some of their students do not have access to the internet or the devices needed to enable online learning. In 20% of cases, it is believed that only half of the students have adequate internet/device access
– Most teachers do not feel confident in supporting children who are grieving or have experienced trauma
– 80% of teachers agree that their most vulnerable students have been particularly affected.
– Teachers are not confident that hygiene and social distancing rules can be implemented well in educational settings.

“There is a strong desire for the future of teaching to involve positive change. Issues identified in our report include a greater emphasis on the mental health of the profession, greater equity in education and changes to what the curriculum looks like. The time has come to value the professionalism and development of our teachers. The expertise and voices of teachers must be at the heart of shaping the future of our profession.”

– Dame Alison Peacock

Gemma Goldenberg

Lisa-Maria Muller


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