Why do teachers choose to join as Members?

"We will improve the quality of education for children and young people by supporting teachers, championing great teaching and raising the status of the profession."

Julia Quick
Science Lead Practitioner and CTeach participant

"I joined the Chartered College of teaching as I felt their values aligned with my own. I’m passionate about the science of teaching and learning and the fact that your practice should be evidence-based. The digested content provided for members of the Chartered College has been very useful for my practice."

Lisa Pettifer

"I joined the Chartered College of Teaching because I wanted to take control of my professional development as I look ahead to my future in teaching."

Farhaan Patel

"The Chartered College of Teaching is about giving teachers a voice – giving them agency. One of the things that shot out at me when I researched the Chartered College was grassroots. Grassroots is where it happens! The Chartered College is now set-up for teachers to believe and trust their voices will be heard."

Philip McCahill
Student teacher

"I was really excited about the support the Chartered College of Teaching offered students. When I became one, I signed up immediately and haven't looked back!"

Keith Sorrell
Keith Sorrell, CEO of Windsor Academy Trust

"It is excellent to have a high profile professional body that champions teaching, learning and pedagogical research. This is something which unites the profession in search of excellence. The Chartered College is a fantastic opportunity for all of us involved in education.”