Why should I join the Chartered College of Teaching?

The Chartered College of Teaching supports 45,000 members across the world to become more evidence-informed in their practice.

What does membership do for me and my school?

– Support school improvement and outcomes for pupils by engaging with the latest research on pedagogy

– Improve teaching and learning through enhanced CPD 

– Reduce workload by learning from experts and sharing good practice with colleagues

– Raise the status of the profession by recognising the excellent practice and innovation which help pupils succeed

You may be able to apply for a tax rebate on your Chartered College of Teaching subscription, scroll down for more guidance.

What type of membership is best for you?

Core membership features:

– Termly print copies of our award-winning journal Impact from the moment you join (student members receive digital access only)

– Online access to almost 1,000 Impact articles from previous issues

– Free exclusive invites to over 40 webinars and events per year

– Member discounts to education organisations and major publishers, including SAGE, TES, Bloomsbury and Crown House

– The opportunity to become Chartered through our reputable Certificate in Evidence-Informed practice and Chartered Programmes

– Access to our Early Career Hub and MyCollege, an indispensable resource packed with accessible articles, interactive content and over 50 videos of high-quality classroom footage

– Opportunity to enrol in one of our accredited online programmes and courses 

– Research digests, guides and reviews giving you summaries of the latest research to develop your practice with the latest evidence

– Over 250 on-demand CPD videos, hear from leading experts at a time that suits you

– Consultations, surveys and opportunities to have your voice heard and shape your profession

– The opportunity to stand and vote in our Council elections and drive the strategic direction of your professional body, please note elections are exclusively for Full Members, ECT Members and Fellows

You may be able to apply for employee tax relief on your Chartered College of Teaching subscription, as we are a professional organisation approved by HMRC (listed as ‘Teachers College of’). More information can be found at gov.uk