What is it?

Schools can purchase memberships for groups of their staff as a sign of commitment to their staff’s professional development needs. It is also an opportunity for schools to invest in high quality, evidence-informed professional development tailored for individuals and schools to take part in.

What are the benefits?

Organisations can attract new teachers by showcasing your commitment to their professional learning; retain staff by investing in their professional development; offer individuals opportunities to lead their own development based on their needs; and provide tools to deliver whole-school CPD.

Image of Keith Sorrell, CEO of Windsor Academy

“It is excellent to have a high profile professional body that champions teaching, learning and pedagogical research. This is something which unites the profession in search of excellence. The Chartered College is a fantastic opportunity for all of us involved… Read more “Group Membership Testimonial”

Keith Sorrell, CEO Windsor Academy Trust

What benefits will I receive?

  • Invest in your staff for professional development and staff retention
  • Give your staff access to the world’s largest education and research database
  • £45 a year per member
  • Less than £1 a week per member
  • Opportunities for teachers to lead their own professional development
  • Copies of Impact for your staff CPD library
  • Deliver CPD as a school using our CPD packs

"Our passion is to develop the research
and evidence-based practice in the Trust.
A huge benefit of being part of the Chartered College of Teaching is that it provides underpinning research evidence for all of
our practitioner-led research."

Alison Halford, Strategic Lead for Professional Learning at
Windsor Academy Trust

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