Founding Fellowship benefits

Founding Fellows are recognised with:

  • Award of distinguished post-nominals, FCCT
  • Invitation to an annual Fellowship event
  • Special 55% discount on BERA membership (£50 annually instead of £110)
  • Potential to represent the profession and shape the direction of the Chartered College by standing for the Council of the Chartered College, with 11 positions exclusively for Founding Fellows, including the positions of President and Vice-Presidents
  • Invitations to Fellows-only roundtables, giving the opportunity to influence and engage with education policy by joining themed discussions and have your voice heard by those making decisions / recommendations at system level
  • Membership of an online community and network of Founding Fellows across the country, allowing you to learn and connect with esteemed Founding Fellows
  • Listing as a Founding Fellow in our Fellowship Directory on our website
  • Termly Fellowship digest, featuring the latest thinking from educational research
  • Termly research webinars from prominent leaders in the education system
  • Access to a dedicated Relationship Manager to ask any questions and ensure you are sent updates on the latest thinking in teaching and learning
  • A Welcome Pack, including letter and certificate from Professor Dame Alison Peacock