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Chartered College of Teaching #LearningFirst Community Response

Professor Dame Alison Peacock speaks on Ofsted reform on Monday 5th June 2023

Over the last weeks and months a group of colleagues, many of whom are members of the Chartered College of Teaching, have been working to contribute to a positive and helpful set of proposals for Ofsted reform.

This work has been carried out quietly and purposefully in the name of #LearningFirst, an initiative that I helped to lead back in 2016. On this occasion, sensitive to the fact that as CEO of the Chartered College I maintain an apolitical stance, the group have worked independently, sharing their proposals last night on social media.

I support and endorse the approach taken. Many of the proposals chime directly with the position taken by the College and as such we are open to working with other organisations to support profession-led improvement.

It is vital that our profession has the courage and wisdom to share ideas about system reform, in the spirit of a burning desire to continuously make our schools and colleges the best they can be.

I recommend this work to you for your consideration.


  • Elizabeth Carruthers
    June 5, 2023 at 10:44 am  -  Reply

    Thanks Alison,
    Sound blog, looking to the future. I agree with you, that theory and practice reinforce each other. The issue, in this mad, busy world, is making the space and time to reflect on both.
    Merry Christmas,

    Elizabeth Carruthers

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