Chartered College of Teaching launches new Chartered Status to recognise teaching expertise

The Chartered College of Teaching has announced a brand new approach to its Chartered Status. Due to its popularity, teachers and leaders will have more opportunities to gain official accreditation for their teaching expertise.

Launching in January 2022, participants will benefit from a new self-paced pathway with the ability to work towards Chartered Status at a pace that best suits their timetable and professional needs.

As part of the new approach, teachers and leaders will have up to three years to complete four Chartered assessments units and then apply to gain Chartered Teacher Status or Chartered Teacher (Leadership) Status depending on an individual’s role and assessments completed.

Everyone working towards Chartered Status will benefit from a range of support at their fingertips on the Chartered College’s new member platform and tape into the Chartered Teacher community. There will also be the opportunity to tap into support from Learning Partners.

The profession will also benefit from being able to use previous relevant qualifications as credit towards achieving Chartered Status.

Dame Alison Peacock, CEO of the Chartered College of Teaching, said:

“The teaching profession deserves to be supported to continually develop their practice and be celebrated for their accomplishments. We are excited to launch our new pathway to Chartered Status in recognition of the expertise and knowledge of teachers and leaders. With Chartered Status we can help ensure that expert teachers and leaders lead the future of teaching.”

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