Chartered College of Teaching comments on Government assessment decision

The Chartered College of Teaching has commented on the Government’s plans for assessment being announced.

The Chartered College submitted member views as part of the Ofqual consultation which included concerns around the fairness of proposals, additional workload asks and potential blame from media, government and parents.

“A substantial challenge this decision poses is one of timing. Schools will want to use as much of the summer term as possible to continue teaching. However with results day shifted back, teachers could see this time lost to an onslaught of appeals. It is interesting that the government state that algorithms will not be used this year – will results be criterion-based instead of being subjected to norm-referencing?

Teachers are experienced professionals and will have anticipated alternatives to formal exams – particularly after last year’s issues.  Many will have been conducting their own assessments throughout the year and will have continued to do this since it was announced that exams would not take place.

A large number of Chartered College members raised concerns about being blamed for results and pressured by pupils or parents to increase grades. With the focus now firmly on teachers, will the Government stand by our profession come result day? We hope that parents, politicians and wider society recognise both the hard work of young people being assessed this summer and their teachers’ dedication and commitment to fairness.”

Dame Alison Peacock, Chartered College of Teaching CEO

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