• Chartered College of Teaching members polled following the first week of term
  • Under 1% reported a decrease in numbers
  • Dame Alison Peacock highlights “unsustainable and unsafe” situation

Eight out ten teachers have said pupil numbers at their school have greatly increased compared to the initial lockdown. The snap poll by The Chartered College of Teaching, the professional body for teaching, of its members highlights the severe challenges teachers are facing having to juggle in-person teaching to increasing numbers as well as remote learning. 

Despite the national lockdown and escalating infection levels seen across the country, under 1% reported a decrease in pupils attending schools. 

“Every day I hear from members that large numbers of students are still arriving at the school gates, risking the effectiveness of school closures and adding further pressure on staff. This is further proof that the current situation is completely unsustainable and unsafe. We are only two weeks into the new year and our teachers are already struggling with stress and anxiety having to balance demands. At the same time, the insinuation that Ofsted will be used as ‘enforcers’ of remote learning following parent complaints will only make a difficult situation even worse. 

Our teachers are showing great dedication, professionalism and leadership. Our communities need to work with us to support young people and keep everyone safe. We need to show trust in our teachers, they know what they are doing.” 

Dame Alison Peacock, Chief Executive of the Chartered College of Teaching

The Chartered College of Teaching is offering a wealth of remote and distance learning resources to support teachers during the lockdown on its MyCollege site.