Dame Alison Peacock calls for “teachers to be the ones to shape the future of teaching”

During her speech at the Chartered College’s AGM, CEO Dame Alison Peacock said that the expertise and insights of teachers should drive areas such as “how we avoid a repeat of the farce of this summer’s exam results, how we can build an accountability system which does not pile on unnecessary anxiety on schools at the worst possible moments to professional development which further strengthens teacher knowledge.”

Reflecting on the challenges of 2020 and teaching during a global pandemic, Dame Peacock highlighted her pride at the profession’s response. She emphasised that “teachers are the experts. They know their pupils, their schools and their communities. It is of the highest importance that they are listened to.” However, Dame Peacock also spoke out on teachers having to contend with “guidance that kept changing, guidance that arrived at the last minute and guidance that did not take into account their expertise.” 

Ending her speech Dame Alison Peacock reflected that while “this is not the year any of us anticipated, it is a year which has shown that without a doubt our teachers deserve the thanks of all in society.”