BBC Bitesize want your teacher tips

BBC Sounds are making a daily podcast to support the new Bitesize activity and are looking for some teachers and parent teacher voices .

With the changes to our lives, Bitesize wants to include stories from teachers. Here is their brief, let me know what you think?

What they are looking for

One tip from teachers about how parents can manage during this time, such as a practical schooling tip.

If you teach Primary address the advice to the parent of the primary pupil

For example: “My name is xx. I teach  primary

If you teach secondary, make the point more general. If anything, slightly more directed to the students.

For example: “My revision advice is that if you have a huge study task ahead of you, break it up into 20-minute chunks and think of  reward at the end.”

How to record

Tech spec: 8-10 secs on each point recorded as a whatsapp voice note. Please record into your phone in a quiet place, ideally a wardrobe with plenty of clothes in it. Hold the phone about 6 inches from your mouth.

Intro: “My name is xx and I teach xxx”

When you are done, email your clip to Bitesize.