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Join our Science Teacher Journal Club

Funded by Wellcome Trust, we are launching a project to test how journal clubs can be adapted from healthcare for education. Journal clubs are small groups of experts in a field who get together to discuss research findings and how they apply to their contexts.

Take part in online training, learn how to critically engage with research literature and appraise research methodology and discuss with colleagues from across the UK how the findings apply to your setting. All from the comfort of your own home or school. Participation in the project includes free online membership of the Chartered College of Teaching for the duration of the project and is open to primary and secondary school teachers of science. No previous knowledge or experience with journal clubs or research methods and designs is required to join as participants.

The project will last from April 2020 to July 2021, the 10 journal clubs will take place monthly, be fully online (logging on from home or your schools with a cup of tea and some biscuits is strongly encouraged) and last for one hour at a time.

By participating, you will not only benefit personally but also help support our understanding of journal clubs in education more widely.


You can join as participant if you simply want to join the conversation and learn more about research, or as facilitator, if you already have some experience with research and would like to learn how to host and run your own journal clubs. In either case, you would need to commit to the project for its whole duration. We have had great interest in the project already and have now recruited enough facilitators from secondary schools. We are however still looking for primary school science teachers who would like to train as facilitators and for both primary and secondary school teachers who would like to join as participants.

As external evaluators will assess the success of the project, participation will also require the completion of some baseline measures at the start (April) and end (June) of the project but all data collection methods were designed with teachers’ time constraints in mind and should not take longer than 3 hours in total to complete. The baseline measures will consist of online questionnaires, focus groups and/or phone interviews.


If you join as a participant, you will complete online training on the background of journal clubs and research appraisal skills. Each month you will receive an article to read in preparation for the journal club together with a Critical Appraisal tool to help you extract the most important information and prepare for the meeting. During the monthly online journal clubs, you will discuss the article of the month and how it relates to your own experience and context. Before the end of each session, all participants will commit to a change to their practice on which they will reflect by completing an online self-reflection tool.

– 2.5 hours per month (1hr/journal club, 1hr for article reading & critical appraisal, 30min for reflection)

– 2-3 hours of online training: 18th of May to 7th of June

– 10 journal clubs in total


Please note that we are particularly encouraging colleagues from primary schools to apply to become facilitators as we have had a lot of interest from secondary school practitioners already.

As a facilitator, you will ideally bring a basic understanding of research methods and designs, which you will improve further as part of the online training. In addition to research appraisal skills, the online training will also cover some background on journal clubs and journal club facilitation skills, such as the formulation of discussion questions and how the journal club format relates to what we know about effective CPD in education.

To help you get used to the journal club format and discuss your own thinking with fellow facilitators before you host your own club, you will attend centrally-run modelling journal clubs for the first five meeting. This means that you will attend a journal club as participant before hosting your own meeting around the same article. From the sixth journal club onward, you will facilitate your journal clubs increasingly independently.

We are looking for 8 facilitators who currently work in a primary school.
Facilitators will receive a one-off payment of £400 after the completion of the project in July 2021 as a thank you for their time and commitment.

– 4-5 hours per month for the first 5 journal clubs; (2 hours for journal club attendance & hosting, 1-2 hours articles reading and journal club prep, 1-hour reflection on classroom practice and journal club facilitation) less after that

– 4-5 hours of online training: 18th of May to 7th of June

– 15 journal clubs in total, 5 as participant and 10 as a facilitator

Thank you for your interest and we look forward to hearing from you.

The Research Team at the Chartered College of Teaching


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