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Why become a Chartered Teacher?


Nick Fee

Secondary School, Middle Leader, Harris Academy South Norwood


Nick Fee writes about his CTeach experiences and why you should join the Chartered Teacher Programme programme

Committing time to something on top of a full-time teaching job is not easy, and committing 15 months to become a Chartered Teacher can be an intimidating thing to do. Having completed the course; however, I can safely say that it is worth it.
I’m going to set out why this is an opportunity of which you should take advantage.


1. It’s a chance to do CPD around teaching, not leadership
We are, first and foremost, teachers. Leadership qualifications are obviously a good thing, but what if you don’t want to be a leader? Or what if you believe that to be an excellent leader you need to be an excellent teacher? The Chartered Teacher programme fills that gap.


2. It’s a chance to learn about new areas of pedagogical practice
It can be easy for teaching to become formulaic and for us to plough on as we always have. The Chartered Teacher programme is an opportunity to discover something new and not just do something because that’s the way it’s always been. I had no idea about the principles behind assessment until I did the programme, and it’s led to me reviewing and changing all of our summative assessment practice in the department so that we collect far more meaningful data.


3. It’s a chance to do research and become a relative expert in your field
The active research project makes up a large chunk of the programme. It is a common occurrence that people quote a blog post they have scanned online as their new mantra, but you will have the opportunity to do detailed research in a pedagogical area and then trial and evaluate a new technique. You’ll be able to adapt your teaching and influence others from a position of evidence-based strength.


4. It’s a chance to re-ignite your passion for teaching
This won’t apply to everyone, but it might be that you’re in a bit of a funk when it comes to being in the classroom. I certainly was, but the Chartered Teacher programme reinvigorated me through exposure to new ideas, new research and a group of like-minded teachers from across the country.


5. It’s a chance to challenge yourself
In the introduction to this blog, I talked about the challenge of committing to something outside of work. It’s worth reminding ourselves from time to time that challenge is a good thing.


Five reasons then, and there is no doubt many others that I’ve missed. Why not give it a go?

Visit the Chartered Teacher page to find out more or email with any questions. Early-bird rate for the programme closes 2nd December 2019