Chartered College of Teaching Journal Impact EdTech Special Issue header image

The making of the EdTech Impact front cover


Over the last month, teachers across the country have been enjoying the free, special issue of our award-winning journal Impact.

In addition to the fantastic research and articles from teachers and education experts on education technology, something which has grabbed attention has been the issue’s front cover.

Phoebe Dry, Editorial Assistant at the Chartered College of Teaching talks us through the front cover

This special issue of Impact deals with the complexity of using technology in the classroom. It explores a range of topics and aims to debunk misconceptions, challenge assumptions and encourage an informed approach to the use of new technologies and the potential benefits they offer for teaching and learning.

We wanted to reflect this complexity in the design of our cover and to hint at the multi-layered debates around the use of technology in the classroom.

The design features a pattern of interconnected, consecutive circles superimposed by the title ‘Education Technology’ in bold capitals. This design was taken to a model workshop, where it was cut out of white acrylic. The acrylic was then constructed and photographed against a blue background to give the illusory effect of a 3D image. The colour scheme of electric blue and clean white were chosen for their boldness and clarity — they are suggestive of the forward-thinking nature of discussions taking place around the topic. The contrast of the colours – combined with the 3D effect – create a sense of depth and movement, indicative of the dynamic nature of education technology today.