Chartered college comments

Chartered College comments on teacher Wellbeing Index 2019


Education Support’s newly published Teacher Wellbeing Index 2019 has found that stress levels have increased for a third consecutive year.

In addition, the report finds:

  • Workload remains the most important work-related factor determining wellbeing
  • The wellbeing of education professionals is lower than the general population
  • Disclosing mental health issues requires improvement
  • Support levels have improved, although are still not commonplace
  • Staff retention and stress appear to be closely linked

Professor Dame Alison Peacock, Chief Executive of the Chartered College of Teaching, commented on the findings: 

“Every day our teachers change lives and are integral to the very fabric of society. However, these findings make for sobering reading and the fact that the mental health of teachers is being placed under such severe and constant pressure is deeply concerning.

With teachers constantly expected to do more with less, we push greater numbers of teachers towards burnout and the exit door of the profession. What we want to see is teachers given easy access to support, trusted for the decisions they take and celebrated for their expertise. This needs to change and our next government must act as a matter of urgency.”


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