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Chartered College of Teaching supports #LetThemTeach campaign


Today, the Chartered College of Teaching has announced its support for Tes’ #LetThemTeach campaign which calls for the whole teaching profession to be included on the ‘shortage occupation’ list for teachers.
Professor Dame Alison Peacock, Chief Executive of the Chartered College of Teaching, comments:
“At the Chartered College of Teaching, we hear every day from our members about the fantastic work they are doing and the challenges they are facing.

We know that schools and teachers are under some of the biggest pressures than at any point in the last 30 years. With 1 in 10 teachers leaving the profession last year, those that remain see their working hours climb upwards while their wellbeing drops.

If we are going to change this course we need to see teachers at all stages of their career receiving support so they can do their jobs and provide the best possible education for children and young people. However, that cannot happen if those that have the skills and knowledge to change a young person’s life are prevented from doing so because they’re blocked from joining or worse yet, being forced to leave the profession here.

That is why the Chartered College of Teaching wholeheartedly supports the Tes #LetThemTeach campaign. We want to see the best professionals given the opportunity to provide the best education. Their skills and knowledge should be the deciding factor, not where they are from. We want to see the whole teaching profession placed on the visa ‘shortage occupation list’. At a time when teacher shortages are a real concern, let us show that we are listening to the profession’s concerns and working towards easing their pressures and removing these unnecessary barriers.”